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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Cats as Pets



have cat as pets

Your first reaction to the mention of cats could be the immortal cartoons of Tom and Jerry.

Thomas the cat is loved by many. The debate among pet lovers however is – “Which is a better pet, a cat, or a dog? You may have arguments that favor both sides and if you stay neutral it may be difficult to judge who is right. To be fair to both the animals, they are lovely creatures and deserve to be pets. Those who consider cats to be better as pets list many advantages. Here are five of them.

  1. Cats are a Lot Cleaner: Cats have a natural habit of keeping themselves clean. They don’t go out like dogs do and bring outside dirt into your home. When you cuddle a cat, you don’t sense any foul smell. In the case of dogs, you have to bathe them to keep them clean. This task is greatly reduced in the case of the cat. You don’t need to potty-train cats. They quietly do their work in the litter box and cover it. 
  1. It Costs Much Less to Have Cats as Pets: If the comparison is limited to dogs and cats as pets, you will end up spending lot less on a cat than a dog, right from the expense on their initial adoption. You will also find the cost of cat food a lot less than dog food. Even if your cat were to fall ill and you take it to a vet, the overall bill will be lower than if you had a dog as your pet. 
  1. Cats Don’t Make Noise: Having dogs as pets can lead to unpleasant situations at times if they bark too loudly. Your neighbors can raise objections. With cats, you have no such worry. The meow sound of the cat won’t reach beyond your walls. Cat owners love the sounds made by the cats. Besides, you can leave your cat behind at home and not worry that it may damage things at home. It is well-behaved in general. These are probably the reason why many apartments don’t have objections to your having cats as pets but not dogs.
  1. Your Home will be Free of Pests and Rodents: Cats are very alert to rats and other pests around your house. This ensures your house remains free from houseflies, bugs, and moths and leaves you with less to worry about. This is particularly relevant if you are living alone and stay out for long periods. Your cat protects your place.
  1. Cats Offer Lovely Company and are Less Demanding: You may be noticing how pet dogs in some homes are creating havoc while the owner is busy on an official video conference on Zoom or other platforms. Dogs seek attention all the time. Cats are not that way. They will prefer to sit calmly near wherever you are and if the camera does not cover them, no one will even notice their presence.

Many of these points have come from people who have had both cats and dogs as pets and love both the animals equally. There is no effort to make it one-sided. 

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