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7 Tips for New Dog Owners



tips for new dog owners

The plight of a person or a family on the verge of adopting a pet puppy will be no different from the one expecting a newborn baby. Many parents-to-be attend classroom sessions to understand the nuances of caring for a baby. In the case of a puppy or a dog, there may not be the need to go to a class, but you must equip yourself with the basic information needed to have a pet at home. Here are 7 important tips that can come handy.

It is assumed here that you have already done your work in selecting the breed of dog you are going to buy and know its requirements. 

  1. The Preparation: There are certain physical provisions to be made in your home, like the place for the dog to sleep and the things that go with it. You need to stock up the consumables like shampoo, dog food and so on. Create a list and start buying/ordering them. 
  1. Socializing Within the Family: There has to be a general awareness within the family regarding the things that will change with the arrival of the dog. The new member is going to be around for years and everyone should know the responsibilities attached to having a dog at home.
  1. Create a Routine: Once you have the dog in, you will have to set a routine that fits you as well as the pet. These include taking the dog out for a walk and its potty schedule. The second is to feed the dog at the right time. You should be aware of how much and how frequently to feed the dog. This varies with the breed, age, and weight. Ideally, you should take the help of a vet in fixing the diet and follow it strictly. If it’s a puppy you have brought home, you can grow it on healthy habits and it will easily accept the routine.
  1. Dog Training is Very Important: Training the dogs is another very important factor. The dog needs to be put through those routines to ensure they don’t gain excess weight and remain active. 
  1. Health & Hygiene: You will have to take steps to keep the place where your dog sleeps clean and hygienic and free from fleas or insects. Give the dog regular baths with dog shampoo. The frequency depends on the breed. Generally, dog owners learn this through experience. Some dogs may start smelling foul and have to be bathed immediately. There are rules to be followed in terms of what you feed the dog to keep it safe from becoming sick. Many items of food that humans consume are harmful to the dogs and first-time dog owners can commit the mistake of feeding it chocolate or other stuff. Get yourself fully acquainted with the dos and don’ts.
  1. Take the Dog to the Vet: You have to take your pet dog to the vet regularly to have the examination done. The vet will also be able to guide you on most aspects covered above. If in doubt, check with the vet always.
  1. Travel Safely with the Dog: You can take your dog along when you travel. You need to follow the instructions by the airlines and the hotels you propose to stay in before you venture out.

Enjoy the memorable experience with your first pet dog.

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