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Advantages of Having a Horse as a Pet



having a horse as a pet

Horses are very patient animals and having a horse as a pet can benefit you in more ways than you can think of. Though they may seem to be pretty boring animals, horses are also known for their power and stamina. A horse as a pet can be very rewarding and entertaining as well.

In the olden days, horses were used only for transport but nowadays people have realized that horses can be useful for various other purposes too. Let’s check out a few advantages of owning a horse.

1) Helps you have an active lifestyle – Horse riding offers several benefits to your mind and body and helps an individual relax, enjoy and stay fit. Apart from getting your heart to beat fast, horse riding can help in burning calories and building muscles. When you own a horse and take it for a walk or a ride every morning, it will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

2) Gives you more responsibility – You must be very disciplined if you decide to have a horse as a pet. Unlike other pets, horses will need more care and attention and you have to take it out a couple of times daily. It’s a huge commitment and when you plan your time and spend a few hours daily with your horse, you are more likely to prioritize your daily activities and become a better person at managing time.

3) Refreshes your mind – Apart from the physical benefits of owning a horse, there are quite a few ways by which horses can be good for the mental health of human beings. Interacting with horses, similar to other animals, has proved to reduce stress, blood pressure and hormone levels. There’s nothing like riding on a horse and getting fresh air straight on your face. This activity will help you forget your problems and give you the rejuvenation you need.

4) Helps you have an active social life – You will certainly take your horse to places like sports clubs or grounds or race tracks. You are likely to meet other horse owners who have similar interests as you. This way, your horse will help you meet new people now and then with whom you can build good long term relationships. Love for horses will bring more people in your social circle and you will end up attending more events, riding lessons, activities and clubs.

5) Teaches the importance of money – Having a horse as a pet obviously brings in a lot of costs associated with it. You can’t always have your own land and let your horse graze in it. So you will have to spend a considerable sum of money every month for this purpose. Apart from this, there are quite a lot of other costs as well. These expenses will help you understand the value of money and help you plan and keep your daily expenditure in check.

These are not the only benefits of owning a horse and there are quite a few others too. Though it’s not very easy and affordable to have a horse as a pet, it’s certainly worth the time and money spent on it and the advantages weigh more than the disadvantages.

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