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How to Bathe Your Dog?



how to bath your dog

Those not familiar with having a pet dog at home may imagine that bathing the dog must be pure fun. The reality is far from it. Dogs, by their nature, are not very fond of being bathed. The dog parents have to use all sorts of tactics to lure them to the bathtub. To many dog owners, it may be a challenge to bathe their dogs. So, what is the best way to bathe your dog? Here are some tips that could be of help.

  1. Fix the Frequency: Dogs don’t need to be bathed every day like humans. The frequency of bathing your dog may largely depend on the breed. Though a good shampoo bath once a month should do, it can vary for some breeds. Basset Hounds, for instance, may have to be bathed weekly. They possess oily skin. Dogs with short hairs or coats can also be spared from very frequent bathing. You can check with your vet and do accordingly.
  1. Use Warm Water and a Dog Shampoo: The ideal way to bathe dogs is in warm water. It should neither be very hot nor too cold. Use only shampoos specially made for dogs. You must be able to get the right brand in the pet shop. Dogs possess sensitive skin and using any shampoo without checking can cause irritation to their skin. Rinse the dog thoroughly after applying the shampoo. 
  1. Take Some Precautions: There are a couple of precautions to be taken while bathing your dog. Water should not enter their ears. The best way is to insert a cotton ball each in the dog’s ears before you start the shower. The shampoo should not enter the eyes of the dog as well. Here, the recommendation is to start washing from the neck downward and use a damp cloth to clean the dog’s face. Ideally, you can try and use special hand showers or sprayers meant for bathing dogs. You don’t want to scare them by using the forceful shower that you enjoy. 
  1. Dry the Dog Well After the Bath: You can’t use the regular blow dryers on the dogs after the bath. You can use towels that are quite absorbent. The dogs tend to shake off the water in order to dry themselves. You should be ready for that experience as well.
  1. Find the Right Place to Bathe Your Dog: This is another challenge especially if your dog has grown to a large size. You may have to invest in a collapsible tub and bathe the dog outdoors. Smaller breeds don’t pose any problem as far as space is concerned. 
  1. The Last Option; Groomers: If you are not quite willing or inclined to take all the efforts to bathe your dog, there are groomers who undertake the job for a fee. They are experts and know how to handle the animal. They can take care of not just bathing and drying but will offer certain add-on services too. These can include clipping their nails, trimming the hair near their eyes and so on. 

If you are into growing a puppy, it becomes easier to get them used to the bathing habit early on and you will also become quite familiar with the routine.

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