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How to Clean Your Fish Tank



clean fish tank

When you buy a fish tank or an aquarium filled with a large variety of fishes, you also assume the responsibility of maintaining it properly and taking good care of it. The fishes swim in the water and come in contact with the various accessories kept inside the aquarium. If the fish tank is not cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals, it could create a very unhealthy and unsafe environment for your fishes which call it their home.

Here are a few easy steps in who you can clean your fish tank

Make the necessary preparation

You would need a few things like a gravel vacuum, a clean piece of cloth, water testing kit, an algae scraper, powerhead, heater and a large bucket to go about the cleaning process. Make a list and put all the things you think you need in order to clean the fish tank. As aquariums are very heavy, you would require a siphon to get all the water out of the tank. Then, you will have to use a bucket to fill the tank with fresh water. One of the most important things to remember while cleaning up the aquarium is to unplug or disconnect all the electrical devices attached to it. It is an important safety measure that must be remembered. 

Remove redundant water

It is recommended to remove around twenty percent of the water which has been a part of the aquarium, once every fortnight or three weeks. As stated earlier, you will need a siphon gravel vacuum to do this. A hose is often attached to the siphon which helps in cleaning the gravel and getting rid of the redundant water. The siphon will absorb gravel in small quantities and the waste material will pass through and get inside the tube along with water.

Removal of algae

If a large amount of algae has accumulated in the fish tank, you can use magnetic algae cleaner to remove it. The device consists of two magnets covered by a soft layer on the outside. One has to put one of the two magnets inside the aquarium and the other outside the aquarium. When you drag or move the magnet outside the tank, the magnet present inside moves and cleans the algae present inside. You must not use soap, detergent or any other cleaning agent during this process as that would harm the fishes that are inside the tank. 

Filter cleaning

You will be required to clean the water filter in the fish tank at regular intervals. If you are using a sponge filter, you can get it removed and clean it using water kept in the bucket. Do not wash it using running, tap water as that will wash away beneficial bacteria that are important for your tank. Even if you are using some other kind of filter, clean it and put it back inside the tank quickly so that the beneficial bacterial content does not wither away. 

Add fresh water

The final step involves refilling the tank with fresh water. You must be aware of the fact whether you own a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank. Depending on that, fresh water should be added in the tank. The salinity and temperature of the fresh water should be at similar levels. That would help in avoiding any sudden or abrupt changes in the tank.

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