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How to Decide Which is the Best Pet for You?



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Most people just love pets but very few take the step to own them. When you know more about an animal or a bird, it is easier to find out whether it would sync with your lifestyle. There are so many choices available ranging from common cats, dogs to a bird or a hamster. 

Based on the type of pet you choose, taking care of it and feeding it will largely vary. While some may require more of your attention, others are capable of surviving mostly on their own. It brings in the question of choosing which is the best pet for you and how to incorporate one into your existing lifestyle with minimal changes.

Start With a Self-Analysis Session 

Here are some very common questions that you should ask yourself before choosing your pet. 

  1. Am I going to spend my evenings at home or does my job require spending more hours every day of the week? 
  2. Would I love to go to the park or beach often?
  3. Am I an extrovert or an introvert? 
  4. Do I enjoy having a serene atmosphere with a cozy pet or something louder?
  5. Are there any specific allergies that I should be concerned about?

Based on your answers to these questions, you can easily choose the pet that would suit your lifestyle!

Having Dogs as Pets

The first and foremost choice that people love is to have a dog but there are some important things to know about them. Dogs are highly extrovert creatures and need the most attention. They possess high energy levels and require you to take them out for a walk daily. Sometimes, if you love to have a large dog, it needs living space while a small one may fear other dogs or strangers easily. It is all about maintaining a balance by providing them a healthy lifestyle and training.

Having Cats as Pets

Cats are great pets as long as you don’t have any allergies to their hair. They are the most popular because of their low maintenance and would hardly require your presence. Many are not so affectionate while some breeds are attached. If you spend less time at home, cats are the way to go while people with enough time for regular walks would love having a dog. You can also train your dog to perform things. 

Having Birds as Pets

Birds are fun as long as you don’t mind the screeching noises parrots and other birds may make. The Cockatiels are smart enough to learn talking words at some point while some even love to rear their own chickens. You can choose doves, pigeon or other birds but it is important to keep the bird’s cage spacious with an ample supply of food and water. The cage should also be cleaned regularly so that it doesn’t affect your hygiene and smell.

Having Fishes as Pets

Fishes are perfect for busy people. They won’t directly interact with you like a dog or a cat. Besides, they require minimal maintenance because if you invest in an automatic tank cleaner, the water can be maintained in pristine condition. Visit a pet store before buying the fishes you love the most because some breeds may not survive when left with others. The fish tank is a great spot for creative people as you can decorate them with unique themes during the festive season.

Choosing the right pet can bring about a change in your lifestyle as they offer great companionship and a more organic, affectionate way to spend your time.

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