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How to Find the Right Pet Fish?



find the right pet fish

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Fishes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are more than 28,000 species of fishes in the world. So when you decide to set up a fish tank or an aquarium at your place, you have a lot to choose from. How do you make the right choice then?

Here are a few steps in which you can find the right pet fish!

Gather information about fishes

With so many species of fishes around, there is an abundance of information available on the internet. Some well-researched books can give you a good idea about fishes. You do not have to spend days or even hours researching them. Just read up on some material that you find interesting and make yourself aware of some basics and a bit of specialized knowledge about the type of fish you plan to buy. 

Go to a fish store

After you have gained some good theoretical knowledge about fishes, it is time you have a good look at them yourself. Visit a fish store or a couple of them across the city. Speak to the staff at the stores and ask them the kind of questions you have about fishes. They can also impart some knowledge on their own which would give you a better idea about the kind of fishes you would like to have in your aquarium. Make a note of the fishes you liked at the store.

Come back home and research before you buy

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information on fishes and have had a close look at them at the stores you visited, it is time to sit back and research on the ones you liked at the stores. Find out more about their species, size, dietary requirements, preferred water temperature and all the factors that would help you determine whether you would be able to look after them or not. You would also need to find out whether the different species of fishes you are planning on getting would be comfortable and compatible with each other or not.

Final decision

Once you get all the information you need, you can make a list of the fishes you would like to buy. You have to decide the number of fishes you want to have in the aquarium. If you have already bought an aquarium, your choices will get affected by the size and capacity of the tank. If you have not bought one, then you have all the freedom in the world to buy the kind and the number of fishes you want to have.

Make the purchase

Even if you have planned on buying a large number of fishes, it is advisable to buy a few in the first go. It is important not to overload the aquarium with too many fishes. The aquarium would also take some time to build on the healthy or beneficial bacterial content that is essential for the well-being of the fishes. Once you have bought the first lot, you can wait for two weeks before acquiring another bunch of fishes.

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