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How to Handle Simple Behavioral Issues of Cats



handle simple behavioral issues of cats

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Just like human beings, cats too can be moody, whimsical and unpredictable. While minor behavioral issues are easy to handle, there could be instances when your cats give you a hard time and you may find it difficult to control them. There could be also times when you start regretting your decision of getting a cat home but it is important to be patient and learn how to tackle this problem. Here are a few ways in which you can handle simple behavioral issues of cats.

Analyzing their behavior 

To understand the behavioral issues with your cats, you need to first get a good understanding of what their problem is. By observing their body language, facial expressions and posture, you can discover a lot of things about them. Even the ‘meow‘ sound which the cats make gives you an inkling about their mood. Certain characteristics are associated with every single cat. If you observe your cats keenly, you will not miss out on noticing a change in their behavioral pattern. Once you see a prominent change in their behavior and one that is alarming, you can start taking steps to correct them.

Impart the right training

When you get a cat home and start raising it, you must make it a point to spend enough time with them and teach them all that you want them to learn. The initial training is very important as it helps in molding or shaping up its behavioral pattern or habits. If it gets the right training and guidance in the early days, there are very few chances of it being exhibiting behavioral issues in the times to come. Just like young children, cats need to be given the right kind of training or they can develop negative or bad habits in the future. 

Biting and scratching

If your cat is in the habit of scratching or biting people around it, that is quite a serious problem but not the kind that cannot be solved. The problem arises when the owner assumes that the cat has temper issues or is moody and it is best to leave it alone. You have to understand that cats often do such things in a playful manner and do not realize that they are causing harm to somebody. If you make some sincere efforts, you can make them get over this habit in due course of time. You can speak to a fellow cat owner and get some tips on the same.

Destroying furniture

Cats often scratch things around them or stretch their claws because they are simply following their primal instinct. It is natural for you to get upset if your cat destroys the new sofa you have bought. One of the ways to stop it from indulging in such destructive activities is getting its claws removed surgically. However, that is an extreme method and one that is generally not recommended. If your cat has a habit of scratching things all the time, you could give it a toy to play with or keep him engaged with something else. 

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