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How to Keep A Pet Horse Healthy?



keep your pet horse healthy

There are certain things you need to do daily to keep yourself healthy. Similarly, if you are raising a horse, you have to make sure that it gets a healthy lifestyle. Most human beings are known to be very attached to their pets, so if you’ve had a horse for some time, you must be more concerned about their well-being than you have been about yourself. 

Here are a few ways in which you can keep your pet horse healthy.

Daily exercise

When you cannot afford to miss out on your workout regime for a day, how do you expect your horse to? Horses are usually enthusiastic about different kinds of exercises. If your horse feels lazy on a particular day, it is your duty to motivate him to walk or move around for a bit. Horses, just like human beings, need to maintain a particular weight. You can consult a veterinary doctor and take tips on the kind of exercises your horse should do and the time he needs to devote to each of the exercises every day. 


There are a bunch of diseases that could prove to be infectious to horses and affect their health adversely. To protect them from such diseases, it is imperative to provide them with certain types of vaccinations from time to time. Even if your horse is not suffering from a disease, it would be a good idea to consult a veterinary doctor and take some preventive measures to block the possibility of your pet suffering from any such disease in the near future. 

Check body temperature

You must keep a thermometer ready for your horse and keep checking its temperature regularly. It is recommended to check the temperature especially after he has gone through a rigorous exercise session or has taken you on a long ride which could have caused physical exhaustion. During the summers, horses catch up on the external heat quickly and their body temperature rises sharply.

Stress reduction

Apart from physical health, it is important to keep a check on the mental health of your pet horse. It is said that horses tend to get more stressed than most other animals. Then, there are some horses which become nervous in certain situations very quickly. You must make a conscious effort to keep your horse happy, relaxed and calm. Try to build a connection with him and make sure he is comfortable around you. Do not get irritated if it takes a while to understand the nuances of training. If you are a positive person, your energy will rub off on your horse too.

Good quality food

One of the most important things to do when you wish to keep your horse healthy is to provide him with healthy food. Horses largely consume pasture or hay. When you procure food for your pet, ensure that it is of very good quality. There are times when you might be lured with the idea of buying cheaper or lower quality roughage but you must resist that temptation of saving up on some money. Your pet deserves the best and it must get the best.

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