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How To Maintain A Horse Stall?



If you own a horse or a bunch of them, you must be having a horse stall to keep them in. Maintaining a horse stall is a tedious but important task. A horse or any living being, for that matter, deserves a healthy and clean surrounding. While maintaining a horse stall could be an extensive task, once you get used to a few processes, you will not find it something very difficult to execute. 

Here are a few important tips to maintain a horse stall for your pet horse.

Keep it dry

If the horses are kept in a moist or slightly wet area, there is a chance of them getting infected with thrush. It is a fungal disease that could prove to be very hazardous to the horses’ health. To prevent this from happening, keep the area occupying the stall dry and clean. You could get the horses out for a while, clean up the area using water and wait for it to dry up completely before you let the horses in again.

Proper ventilation

When you shift to a new house, one of the first things that you check is whether the ventilation system is in place or not. Whether it is the abode of a human being or an animal, a well-regulated ventilation system is essential for good health. If the stall does not facilitate proper movement of air within its spaces, then there is a chance for the horses to develop respiratory problems over a period of time. 

Keep the pests away

The kind of material present in a horse stall, such as hay and grain, is bound to attract rodents and pests of various kinds and rats. The invasion of these pests or rats will also bring along a variety of diseases for your horses. To avoid this, you must clean the stall regularly and keep an eye out for pests. You can use good quality products and rodent-proof containers to keep the pests, rats and other uninvited creatures away. 

Monitor horse feed storage

The horses’ health will be determined by the kind of feed they consume. Hay and other material which you get for the horses’ consumption must be stored properly. They must be stored in a secure space and fed to the horses at the appropriate time. Mark out a particular area and use it for feed storage. Keep it locked and when you feed the horses, make sure they are consuming it properly and without any difficulty.

Safety arrangements

A horse stall is quite an elaborate area and could be marked by the presence of certain kinds of material which could prove to be harmful to the horses. Nails, pointed objects, ropes lying on the ground are some of the things that could harm the horses. When you are cleaning the stall, make sure that no such thing is present there. The floor should be devoid of any such objects. Safety equipment like fire extinguishers should be present at all times.

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