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How to Make a Cat and a Dog Live Together?



cat and dog live together

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Cats and dogs have been known to be mortal enemies. They do not get along well with each other and whenever they cross paths, there is bound to be a fight. So, what happens when you decide to adopt a cat and a dog each and get them to live together? Is it an impossible idea to raise a cat and a dog together? Not really, if you get yourself equipped with a few hacks.

Here are a few ways in which you can make a cat and a dog live together.

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Train them to obey you

If your pets do not get along well with each other but they are good to you, you must use it to your advantage. You raise your pets almost as a parent. Hence, one of the first things you must make them learn is to be obedient. Between a cat and a dog, a dog is more likely to start a fight as their prey instinct is stronger or higher than cats. Because of their instinct, they tend to attack creatures that are smaller than them in size. Both your pets, especially your dog, must be taught to obey you at all times. 

Understand their personalities

A lot of people who own a dog and a cat take the breeds of their pets into account while trying to understand their behavioral patterns and habits. While it is important to be aware of your pets’ breed, it is even more important to get a good understanding of their personalities. That will help you train them better. If you have a dog whose behavior is quite aggressive, it would not be a great idea to get a cat who is very quiet and submissive. Their personalities should complement each other and not be in contrast. 

Supervise them

When you have two pets in your home, it would be impossible to keep them away from each other for a long time. While you might think keeping them apart would be an ideal way to avoid any kind of conflict or fight, it is not how things should be. You must encourage healthy interaction between your cat and dog. Even if they have differences initially, they will get along with each other over a period of time if you train them well. Just be sure that you supervise their interactions and are around when they cross each other’s paths.

Keep their things in different places

There are a variety of things you would have to purchase on a daily basis for your pets, right from food materials to toys. Just like kids, your pets could fight over each other’s things. The dog could get angry if it feels the cat has got better toys and the cat could get infuriated if it gets the idea that the dog has got better clothes. To avoid this, you must keep their belongings in different places, away from their eyes.

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