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How to Prevent Your Dog from Digging?



how to prevent your dog from digging

Having a dog as your pet could be quite therapeutic. You get a friend who gives you company and helps to let go of all the stress you might have accumulated after a tough day at college or work. Having said that, the habits of dogs are vastly different from that of human beings and it could take a while for you to get used to them. 

You might get a little annoyed if your dog has a habit of digging things around him. Here are a few ways in which you could prevent that from happening.

Create obstacles

You, of course, would not want your dog to come in contact with anything that could cause harm to it. You can put a fence-like structure around areas such as lawn or garden which get dug up by your dog frequently. Just make sure that these structures are made up of material that is safe and least likely to hurt your dog.

Cool environment

Dogs are known to dig frequently when they feel very warm or hot. They dig holes in the soil and seek to imbibe the moisture present in the soil. To avoid this from happening, ensure that your pet is cool and comfortable at all times. Make sure it gets the kind of place which is cool and comforting to rest in. 

Keep it engaged

Quite often, dogs dig because of their instinct but there are also times when they do so because they need something to do. In such a situation, the best way to stop your dog from digging is to keep it engaged in some productive activity. Get it some toys to play with. You could yourself engage in some fun activity with it to keep it engaged.

Cover escape routes

One of the more alarming reasons behind your dog digging up the soil around the house could be an urge to escape. Often, a dog that remains confined to the boundaries of a home feels the urge to discover the outside world. You must take your dog out for a walk regularly to suppress this urge. Apart from that, make sure you cover all the routes through which it can escape.

Give it attention

Sometimes, dogs dig up the ground to get your attention. This usually happens when you are not spending enough time with them or looking after their needs. If you have got a pet, you must fulfill all the responsibilities that come with it. Give it the attention it deserves and make sure that it does not feel lonely at any point in time. 

There are several reasons why a dog gets into the habit of digging. Before you go about trying to prevent it, you must be observant and find out the exact reason behind it doing the same. Old habits die hard but with a bit of some effort, they can be changed over a period of time. But be kind to the dogs and they will reciprocate it.

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