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How to Protect Your Cat from Fleas



protect your cat from fleas

When you have a cat at home and find it scratching its skin incessantly throughout the day, there is a high chance of it suffering from fleas. Fleas are the small-sized bugs that cause irritation when they form on the skin. Some of the other common symptoms include chewing its skin and feeling a sense of restlessness. 

Flea Check

It is a good thing to take cognizance of the presence of fleas on your cat. But before going for any kind of treatment, do a flea-check to confirm your doubts. If fleas have just started settling down, you can opt for the following process to drive them away from your cat.

  • Spend some time observing your cat’s fur. If you observe some movement in the fur, there is a possibility of bugs present inside.  
  • Use a good quality metal comb and run it from head to the tail of your cat. Do not exert a lot of pressure but make sure that you cover all the areas while doing so. Apart from getting rid of the adult fleas, this process will also ensure the removal of eggs that might have been laid in the various corners of the fur. If you carry out this process a couple of times every day and regularly, your cat will be relieved of itching. 
  • It is recommended to put the comb in a combination of water mixed with dish detergent. It proves to be very effective in terminating the fleas.

Ways to prevent fleas

It is quite natural for fleas to get attracted to the warmth of your cat’s furry coat. You must be observant and whenever you see these tiny bugs appearing on your cat’s fur, take the following measures to prevent their growth.

  • Cat Products: You can consult a veterinary doctor and buy products that will help you get rid of the fleas from your cat’s fur. You can buy these products online as well. Just make sure you gather all the necessary information you need about the product and be aware of the correct methods to apply it on the cat’s fur. There are several popular products like Fipronil, Fluralaner and Imidacloprid which are frequently recommended by veterinary doctors. 
  • Medicines: Medicinal pills like Capstar are known to be very effective when it comes to killing adult fleas. They also work very fast. If you are looking for stronger medicine, you can opt for Spinosad (Comfortis). It is a chewable medicine that is known for terminating fleas even before they finish laying eggs. 
  • Get your home flea-free: A female flea is capable of laying as many as 50 eggs in a single day. These eggs can find their way into different areas of your home. Clean your house every day thoroughly and you will most likely save your cat from getting affected by these eggs. Use a vacuum cleaner to properly clean the different corners of the sofa, cushions and other material. The things which your cat touches at regular intervals must be washed frequently.   

Offering a neat and tidy place for your cat to live will also prevent it from getting unwanted infections or allergies.

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