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How to Provide the Exercise Your Horse Needs



horse exercise

Every living being needs to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. While human beings have multiple options and ways to do exercises, many animals, like horses, have certain limitations when it comes to doing exercises. If you have a horse and you are concerned about its health and well-being, you must make sure that it is getting enough exercise every single day. 

Here are a few ways in which you can provide the right exercises your horse needs in order to stay healthy.

Go for a ride

Going on a ride with your horse is one of the most effective ways to help it get some exercise. While riding your horse will, invariably, get him to stretch his muscles, you must make him ride through different kinds of terrains and areas so that it could help him strengthen his muscles and build on its core strength. While doing this, you must make sure that you are not making your horse overstretch his boundaries and do the kind of exercises he is not comfortable doing.

Hand walk

Typically, hand walk is an exercise in which an individual moves in a vertically inverted position. He puts his hands on the floor and uses his entire body to move. Hand-walking proves to be a very effective exercise for horses as well. Of course, the process is slightly different here. If your horse has had a good amount of rest, a hand walk would be a good exercise for him to indulge in before he gets back to riding.


Taking your horse into a large piece of land or an area where there is a lot of greenery will enable him to move around for a while. This is a mild exercise which will help him to relax and assist in enabling good blood circulation within his body. If there is another horse in the proximity which is also moving around the pastures, he will get some company too.


Lunging is the process in which you let your horse move around at different speeds or paces without putting much of an effort into yourself. In this exercise, some pressure is exerted on the muscles and the joints of the horse. Hence, you must train him to do this exercise in a controlled manner and pick up pace steadily. Make sure your horse is not moving in just one direction but going around in all possible directions.

Driving around

Apart from riding, horses can be trained to drive as well. If you think your horse is ready and can take a certain amount of load, hook him to a cart and let it drive you and a few people around. This will prove to be a good exercise for him and help him build muscles. If your horse is not trained to drive people around, you can start training him by tying a cart to him and moving it around. Initially, you can also train him using driving reins.

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