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How to Take Care of Your Pet Horse?



take care of your horse

Horses are complex but fascinating animals that require a lot of care and attention. Unlike a dog, a horse expresses itself in more subtle ways and you need to be able to pick up on the slight changes in behavior and respond accordingly. To ensure that your horse is always healthy both in mind and body, there are several things you must do. Here are some of the different ways in which you can properly take care of your horse.

  1. Allot Some Time Every Day – It is essential to allocate a certain amount of time every day towards your pet horse. You should perform a small visual check every day to see if there are any signs of injury on the horse. Sometimes horses tend to hurt themselves against their fences and if left untended, it might lead to severe consequences later on. It’s also good to regularly check your horse for illnesses to ensure that any diseases are treated in its initial stages.
  1. Food and Water – Though an obvious point, it is vital you that you serve your horse an adequate amount of food and clean water every day. Remember that a horse eats up to 2 to 3 percent of its body weight daily so make sure that the quantity is sufficient. Also, make sure the food you offer the horse is not toxic or harmful. Clean water is also extremely important when taking care of your horse.
  1. Shelter – Whether it is a run-in shed or an ordinary stable, you must have a shelter with sufficient space. Taking care of your horse in both the rainy and winter seasons will involve some work. You have to provide the horse adequate blankets and a comfortable space where it can safely rest from the rain and cold winds. You also have to ensure the design of the stable isn’t very complicated.
  1. Identifying Health Issues – Normally the pulse rate should be 28 to 45 beats per minute whereas the temperature should be 98.5 F to 101 F. In the beginning, you need to take its pulse rate and body temperature multiple times every day. This way, you will be able to establish a baseline for checking its health. Do note that external temperature can influence the body temperature of your horse. 
  1. Grooming – This is another very important part of having a horse as a pet. You need to regularly groom your horse. So be prepared to set apart some time every day. You will need a comb or a mitt, body brush, a hoof pick, clippers and a clean cloth or sponge in your everyday horse grooming kit. There are plenty of guides online that provide a detailed view on how to properly groom horses. Go through a few of them to understand what you need to do.  

Taking care of a horse requires time, passion and a lot of effort. It is a very rewarding experience though and one that only a few ever get to experience in their lives. So make sure you make every moment count. 

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