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How to Train Your Pet to Be Happy and Not Lonely?



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The social instincts animals have are as strong as human beings. That is one of the reasons why they get emotionally attached to their owners very quickly. No matter how much you adore your pet, there would be times when you have to go out for some professional or personal work and have to leave them at home for some time. Even when you are at home, you cannot attend to them all the time. There could be times when they feel lonely and isolated. 

Here are a few ways in which you can train your pet to be happy and not lonely when you are not around.

Keep him busy

If you cannot be with your pet for some time, make sure he gets something to keep himself busy with. Give him toys or guide him to play in the garden or some other area where he would feel safe and comfortable. While getting him engaged with something, you must keep an eye out for him and be aware of what he is up to. Encourage him to do something productive and use his time well. Of course, you have to take into account his interests and engage him in something he enjoys doing. Ensure that he is away from any object that could cause harm. 

Switch on the radio or television

A lot of pets enjoy watching television or listening to music on a radio or phone as much as human beings do. If you have one such pet, then you have a good way of keeping him happy and occupied. Music, in particular, is something that attracts and appeals to most living beings. If there is no radio or TV around, you can simply play some tracks on your phone and make your pet listen to them. The music will keep his mind busy and heart happy. 

Acknowledge his good behavior 

While good behavior among pets is not a rarity, it is a virtue for sure. When you have a pet that behaves well at all times and never does anything that might upset you, you must acknowledge it and sometimes, reward him for disciplined behavior. This will make them happy. Even if they do something that is not right, try to change their habits and not punish them. The more loving you are towards your pet, the less lonely will it feel. 

Periodic visits to a vet

Just like any human being, an animal is susceptible to suffering from anxiety, depression and other kinds of mental health disorders. If you see your pet being gloomy or sad, find the symptoms of such diseases in him, take him to a veterinary doctor for an examination. Do not ignore the signs under any circumstances and reach out to a vet when you see any abnormal behavior. When you are at home, you can cheer him up by spending time or playing with him. Through therapy, your pet can overcome these issues.

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