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Get a Fantabulous Look with Teddy Bear Cut for Shih Tzu – Grooming Tips



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Grooming your pet is a fun activity that lots of dog and cat owners would love to indulge themselves in. Such activity provides you the much-needed outlet, the ability to relax after a hard-working day and also the opportunity to make your pet look as cute as it has always been. 

The Shih Tzu is a popular dog among pet lovers because of its cute looks. Surprisingly, the hair found on this animal is far more human-like than many other dogs. For people who have enough time and love grooming, it is a dream-come-true because you can start by combing the hair on a daily basis.

Being long, it takes time to straighten out the hair and properly comb it so that it doesn’t get curly over time. Most pet lovers consider Shih Tzu to be a demanding dog because of its high maintenance and such a name has evolved mainly because it has such long, straight hair. It would possibly take hours for you to finish combing it which is why a new cut would help.

Teddy Bear cut for Shih Tzu is a popular choice because of the convenience it offers to the pet owner as well as the comfortable lifestyle it offers for your dog too! After all, they can move around easily without their hair falling off and you don’t have to often comb it as much as when it is with full hair. Besides, there are so many different types of teddy bear cut that can be experimented on your dog as soon as the hair grows back, making it a short-lived but fun hobby to pursue, especially if you have multiple such pets at home. 


dog shih tzu

Ever since they came into being, Shih Tzus are often referred to as the little lion in Chinese. People admired how these dogs looked and they also had this majestic appearance combined with a cute and compact body type, making them easier to be reared in any kind of household. They are not at all aggressive but are very cute with a playful nature. They are also popular in the Chinese culture as these pets were owned in the Ming Dynasty among the royal people and were considered to be of a sophisticated origin.

Beginners’ Tips to Have a Teddy Bear Cut

teddy bear haircut

Most pet owners would already be familiar with what is known as the puppy cut. From a layman’s term, it is the idea of cutting off the long hairs on the top of the puppy’s head while leaving the rest of the hair on either side, covering its ears. It provides that cute look that lots of people earn for, especially if they are a proud owner of a Shih Tzu. Besides, it is yet another common haircut that anyone would opt for once they own this pup. It is too cute to ignore but before doing so, having the right sized clippers will help make the entire process easier.

Three different sized clippers are required.

  • An appropriately sized clipper for the body
  • Medium-sized clipper for neck and chest
  • Small clipper for the legs as it will usually have less hair

Start off with the body area

Grooming your own pup has lots of advantages rather than taking it to a hair dressing parlor. Make sure you have it firmly placed in the right position before you begin grooming. According to most statistics, a ½-inch clip should be more than enough to cover the entire body. When cutting using an automatic trimmer or scissors, move from the back and down the sides to maintain uniformity throughout its body. By completely trimming the body hair for this particular cut, owners can enjoy a much better lifestyle as they don’t have to comb the hair on a daily basis.

Grooming the Neck and Chest Area 

The clipper size suggested for the neck and the chest area is a ¾-inch model because it needs to be evenly placed. Some hair might be very thin and should be trimmed with utmost precision. The pet’s ears are also sensitive and cannot be just done in a hurry. If you have prior experience, you can do the job without any help. However, newcomers should definitely try to work with those who have done grooming before or maybe do it in a hair parlor once before doing the teddy bear cut on their own. 

Make use of a 1 ¼-inch clip when trimming parts of the legs. The length of the fur in the leg area may be slightly different but it should be cut in such a way that it syncs with the body hair. It is the only way to achieve the perfect lion-like look or the popular puppy cut on your Shih Tzu. Using the right tools will also play a role in making this possible.  

The Right Set of Tools to Use

When you sit down to create a teddy bear cut for your Shih Tzu, make sure you have all the clippers in the said sizes ready. Trying to trim down the hair on different days would definitely not help as they keep growing and it may lead to an uneven look on your pet. The scissors and shears should also be kept handy while newcomers could have a friend help them do it in sensitive areas. The tail hair can also be trimmed to provide a cushy new look for your dog.

Once you have finished trimming the hair, make sure to use a brush and completely remove excess hair from its eyes and ear. Some of the common additional cuts you could try to include are the top knot, long ears and also the popular option of a stylish teddy bear. Some owners love to have a long tail and keep it looking edgy which is commonly known as the lion’s tail. The teddy bear cut for a Shih Tzu is a fun job that you could take up both as a new owner or if you are planning to buy it real soon as it creates a bond between you and your pet. 

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